Improve the availability of your Products to customers, while reducing your distribution costs!

  • Sizing of storage sites and optimum operating assistance
  • Store organization and management
  • Assistance with starting a logistics platform
  • Support for optimizing the physical distribution system
  • Implementation of operational procedures (reception, storage, picking, order preparation, packaging, shipping, transport, after-sales service, counter sales, order administration)
  • Logistics audit from order taking to customer delivery
  • Development of specifications and assistance in choosing logistics providers
  • Implementation and operation of a customer service and operational performance measurement system
  • Assistance in Implementing a Sales Forecasting System

Improve your Productivity using suitable methods and tools, Ensure control of the flow of products in progress, Plan workshop load and stocks!

  • Industrial diagnostics
  • Assistance in the Implementation of CAPM
  • Advice and support in production organization: workshop management and implementation, production planning, just-in-time flow.

Ensure better availability of equipment and improve their operating costs!

  • Audit Maintenance
  • Assistance in Implementing CMMS
  • Support in the implementation of preventive maintenance
  • Support in streamlining the management of spare parts

Make the purchasing department contribute to improvements in the overall performance of your company, control the performance of your suppliers, and ensure flawless availability of materials!

  • Assistance in rationalizing purchases and setting up a purchasing dashboard
  • Implementation of a supplier performance monitoring system
  • Advice on the importation and customs clearance of goods
  • Advice and support in stock management and supply

Maturity your Supply Chain Implement the SCOR Digital Standard model:

  • Initial diagnosis
  • Training in the SCOR-DS standard
  • Implementation of the transformation project