General Conditions of Sale of Certifying Cycles - Qualipro Conseil

A – Nature of the services provided

Our training offer includes:

  1. Facilitating training sessions,
  2. The provision of complete documentation (paper version or digital version)
  3. Payment of examination fees to the certifying body (APICS, DDI, MGCM or other).

The certification body manages the exams and is therefore responsible for their conduct. In order to facilitate registration for its customers, Qualipro includes examination rights in its service.

Qualipro pre-registers the candidate by purchasing, on behalf of the candidate, an “exam credit”. Subsequently, it is the candidate himself who must make an appointment directly with an examination center approved by the certifying body. No exam cancellation will be possible. Any modification of the exam date must be made directly by the candidate for a fee.

B – Registration

The cycles offered are subject to a minimum/maximum quota of registered candidates. Registrations are recorded in the order in which purchase orders are received.

If the minimum quota is not reached, QUALIPRO reserves the right to postpone or cancel a session no later than 3 working days before the scheduled start date. In this case, if the customer so wishes, the amount collected will be fully refunded, no amount is due.

As soon as the maximum quota is reached, any new orders received are automatically saved for the next session.

C – Cancellation

In the event of cancellation by the customer within 2 weeks preceding the start, the refund will be made after deduction of administrative costs, i.e. 20% of the total amount, as well as documentation costs and examination fees.

No cancellation is accepted after the start, except in the event of justified impossibility for medical or family reasons. A substitution of the candidate can then be considered. The resulting additional costs (second set of documentation, examination fees, etc.) will be invoiced according to the current rate.

D – Responsibilities of the candidate

The candidate is required to:

Ensure regular attendance at sessions and prepare the personal work required of them

Make an appointment for the certification exam and show up on time

APICS EXAMS: QUALIPRO cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions linked to examination centers, or candidate lateness/absence…

It is the EXCLUSIVE responsibility of the candidate to make their appointment in advance and to appear for the exam on time

E- Payment of registration fees for certification cycles

The price has been established on the basis of cash payment.

QUALIPRO has the right to cancel a reservation option if the registration form and the corresponding payment have not reached it at least 2 weeks before the start of the training

Payment is made according to the following conditions:

  1. Payment of the training amount plus 20% VAT to be attached with the registration form. This must be made by check or transfer payable to QUALIPRO Conseil;
  2. Delivery by QUALIPRO of an invoice worded in accordance with the requirements of the procedure governing Special Training Contracts.